Board Policy Review: History of Technology Instruction/Viability and Validity

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Board Policy Review: History of Technology Instruction/Viability and Validity

The Board of School Directors set District policies upon recommendation from the Superintendent. Many policies have a set of procedures, which are approved by the Superintendent. Each policy and procedure is thoroughly reviewed by the appropriate staff before making any recommendations to the Superintendent or School Board.



The Board recognizes its responsibility for the monitoring and improvement of the educational program. In keeping with the Board's recognition of the need for ongoing curriculum review and improvement, the Superintendent shall develop and administer guidelines and procedures for a curriculum development and improvement process which:

• is consistent with District goals;

• will establish a regular cycle for review, revision, development, adoption and implementation in all curricular areas;

• is based on student needs and evaluated by student performance;

• will ensure the participation of administrators, teachers, patrons and students, when appropriate, in the process;

• is consistent with state requirements and reflects community expectations, societal trends and workplace realities;

• provides for student performance data to be systematically collected, reported and used as a basis for future program improvements.

At the beginning of each school year, the Superintendent shall advise the Board of any program changes that are planned for the year.

The Board will review and adopt curriculum that is aligned with the California State Board of Education Requirements and identifies program outcomes, and student performance standards in each curricular area. Board-adopted curriculum shall be incorporated in classroom instruction in each school in the district. The instructional approaches for achieving the prescribed learning can be developed and modified within each school, consistent with adopted curriculum and the individual school improvement plan.

Additions, deletions, or changes in course goals or sequence requires approval by the Curriculum Director and Superintendent, who shall inform the Board.

Legal References: RCW 28A.150.230– School Directors accountable for proper

operation of District

RCW 28A.330.100 (5) – Additional powers of Board

Adopted: June 26, 2003

I have interviewed Valorie Gorny, vice-president of our school board, on the development and adoption of technology curriculum and standards.

S.Bock – Mrs. Gorny can you give me some background on technology curriculum and adoption, and its
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