Bluetooth Technology Basics

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The pace in which technology advances in the past centuries around the world is enormously mesmerizing. As we glance into the future, we can see that technological novelty will indefatigably move on. There is no doubt that we all agree that the 1st century have seen and witness advancement in terms of information technology when contrast to other centuries. One of the fast growing areas in information technology is wireless communications. Wireless communications are progressively becoming more accepted in today of technology dependent society. People across the globe can now send and receive messages through the air, which means through a wireless communications. The evolution of wireless communications has been extraordinarily fast that the future of this technology seems unrestrained. For example, the convenience and mass usage of mobile phones, wireless networking, and global positioning system (GPS) are all means of wireless communications. Today mobile phones, PDA, and personal computers are design with different wireless communications devices capabilities such as Wi-Fi, Infrared, and Bluetooth (Hall). Bluetooth technology is nevertheless one of the far advance means of wireless communications technology varying the way we talk either over the phones or over computers. The question we might want to ask ourselves is what is Bluetooth technology? How has Bluetooth technology alter the way we live today? Moreover, what are the advantages of Bluetooth technology? These and many more will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs. Bluetooth technology was created by Ericsson, a telecommunications vendor in 1994 as an alternative wireless in place of RS-232 a data cables. Bluetooth technology is an universal short-range wirele... ... middle of paper ... ... of wire to transmit the analyses from the human body to the equipment. Bluetooth technology could be enhanced to replace this wire-oriented technology to eliminate the needs to connect and transmit this data using Bluetooth technology. The advantage of this type of test analyses over wired connection is that its enable the patient to move freely instead of having to be remained in a particular place until the test is over (Aryadana, 2006). Another future application of Bluetooth technology is home networking. Bluetooth technology can be very valuable in home networking because it does not require wire installation in the house before devices can communicate. Bluetooth technology proffers a suitable method to use the same devices at home just as is used at work, thereby permitting people to effortlessly access their data and to do the same tasks (Aryadana, 2006).

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