Blues out of the blue

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Divya was sitting in the living room and sorting out the baby gifts she had received on her baby shower, which was held two days ago, on the last day of her seventh month pregnancy. Beside her, was her son Vaishak, busy in unwrapping the toys and hiding some of those which he found interesting, under the sofa. Divya’s mother who had come to look after her pregnant daughter, was preparing breakfast in the kitchen and Divya's husband had not returned from his morning walk yet. After arranging the gifts in the bureau, Divya got ready to see her doctor for her regular monthly check up. By then, Vaishak had finished his breakfast and was playing with his toys. He was an outdoor person. He would enjoy being outside for hours, without getting tired. Whenever he would see any of them going outside leaving him at home, then he would start throwing tantrums until he would get his own way. Knowing this, his grandmother took him to another room where he could not see his mother going out but he did not fall into that trap. When Divya was putting on her shoes, he ran hurriedly and chained her right leg with his little hands. “Mom, I want to come with you.’’ “I am just going to see our neighbor.’’ “No, You are lying. Then why are you wearing this saree? You don’t wear this kind of saree when you go to see our neighbor.’’ He was very talkative. He does not let something go away easily. So Divya had to tell him the truth that she was going to see the doctor. She wanted to take him with her, but she did not know how long it would take, sometimes it would take hours if the hospital was filled with more patients. “If you go with me, then the doctor will give you injection,” Divya said. “Umm… No, this time the doctor will give you injection,’... ... middle of paper ... ...ef became intense. But she withheld the dropping tears and looked at him with her blurred eyes. He asked her father to give his laptop to play. So his father sat there with them to make sure everything would go smooth. Gunda started playing in computer. Suddenly he stopped and opened his school pictures which her dad took them when he went to school first day. He was in LKG. Then he looked at the mother and said, ``Shall I and dad go, bring baby sister home? I will look after her. You don't need to worry.'' ``No, you have class tomorrow'' His mom and dad uttered simultaneously He gazed at the school photos again and did something. He cheered looking at the empty folder. His words came out of his mouth like the morning sun rays, ``Mom look, I deleted the school. There is no school from now onwards.'' His mom half smiling and his dad smiling, embraced their son.

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