Blueprints of My Classroom and Management

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Blueprints of My Classroom and Management

Some people know what they want to do all their lives, others work an entire life before they realize what it is they enjoy doing and some know what they would enjoy doing, but are too stubborn to admit it. I admire those people who have always known what they want to do and stood by it. I was one of those people who knew in a way what I wanted, but was not real confident if it was the job for me. I have always loved school and the learning process. I would play school with my sisters and I was the teacher. What I have really always liked to do is help people in any way that I could. I always thought to improve life and society I had to be in the health care profession. Now, I know that is not always true. I feel teaching is an awesome way to improve society and to help people succeed in life. Teaching is the career I have chosen to fulfill my dreams of helping people live better lives. I have taught at vacation bible school and enjoyed every minute. I taught children of all ages mixed together and the challenge was rewarding. My husband and family support the career choice I have made. When we started learning about the philosophies of education, I did not agree with just one philosophy so I took the philosophies that are important to me and showed how I will use them to expand learning in my classroom. I am a believer in the mixing of the philosophies of progressivism, behaviorism, essentialism, and social reconstructivism.

Progressivism will work well in my science classroom since experiments will be conducted and most likely every student would not have enough materials to conduct the experiments alone. With progressivism, children will learn social skills...

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...ties that I feel are needed to teach the different needs of students. I feel that organization is the key to a great learning environment. I want my students to be able to count on me to get papers and assignments back in an orderly fashion without losing their work. I feel with organization a teacher knows and plans accordingly with the activity he or she plans to do giving the students enough time to plan and prepare. In my classroom, I want my students to learn to their full potential. I feel that all students are exceptional learners because every child has their weaknesses and their strengths whether physical, mental, behavioral, emotional, or just that subject they have to work really hard to understand. Taking this into account, I want to provide differentiated instruction for these students to learn and grow as an active part of the society in which we live.
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