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882 words

Case Analysis: Inside an IT audit by Meridith Levinson (CIO) This case covers an audit on the IT department of Bluegreen Corporation; bluegreen corp. is a real estate developer and resort operator based in Florida, arranged by the company’s’ Vice President and CIO Sheila Beauchesne to achieve growth in the IT infrastructure of the company. The audit was carried out by the VP and CIO Sheila Beauchesne to understand the company’s overall spending and expenditure on its IT, GIP (Global information partners) were hired as the auditing team, Bluegreens IT financial auditor Krista Parker was made the audits main point of contact in case when the auditing team needs any information regarding the organization, and the IT manager of support Gary Kaul …show more content…

GIP initially anticipated this audit to be fairly easy but it appeared that it wasn’t as straightforward as it looked; the final analysis on the audit had all the results and findings which were presented to Sheila Beauchesne and her staff by GIP’s auditor David Burkett. The results indicated several points such as the quality of service provided by Bluegreen Corporation is fairly lower as compared to other organization which is why their costs are low. One of the key findings that the audit brought up were Bluegreen’s telecommunication rates which were classified as very competitive by the auditing team as they were spending a lot less annually than the other organizations which were taken as reference and the results also showed that there was need in improvement in the help desk support department. But there were several needs from Bluegreen Corporation which were not fulfilled, like costs relating to software licenses, hardware and costs relating to application development and testing were never …show more content…

Data acquisition and information management was one of the key factors of the project. There was not a lot of information available so GIP needed to dig in for the necessary details themselves. In my opinion, GIP relied a little too much towards the information that was fed by the Bluegreen associates, which resulted in discrepancies. Also, lack of data tempted GIP to generalize information based on the data from Indianapolis call

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the case covers an audit on the it department of bluegreen corporation, a real estate developer and resort operator based in florida.
  • Explains beauchesne had to know the company's it budgeting in a lot more detail than they were used to. the objective was to compare it with other organizations of similar scale.
  • Explains that although the recommendations and analysis helped sheila beauchesne get the approval for additional workforce, new support and management systems, and improved reporting on the company's it accounts and budget, it was a pm failure because the auditing team was not able to meet the scope of the project.
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