Blue Hotel

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Blue Hotel Many great films are based on some forms of literature. However, although they might be based on a novel or story, doesn’t mean the movie will accurately portray the work as was written. Filmmakers often exaggerate plots or add extra scenes to try to keep the audiences attention. Hollywood corrupts many classic writings, simply because there are literary techniques used by writers which wouldn’t be as effective in films. Many elements so often used in literature give more of a mental image or feeling rather than physical, thus not translating well visually. Filmmakers of Hollywood alter many written works to fit the audience’s needs. Although “The Blue Hotel” by Stephen Crane is not drastically changed in its film version, there have been some variations. The colors Crane uses in this story have a psychological effect on the mind. The pale blue color Crane describes the hotel to be could be representing the freedom or different ideas of living in the west. However, in the film, the hotel is a much darker, deeper blue. Generally lighter colors signify happiness, while darker colors represent gloom and mystery. This could have been changed so that the audience might suspect an ominous feeling of what is to come. This is just one example of the techniques Crane uses that cannot truly be shown well visually. Another part of the story that has been modified in the film version is the ending scene, where the Swede dies. In the original work, after the fight with Scully’s son Johnny, the Swede leaves and ventures to a bar. He meets some men there and tries to get them to drink with him, but they refuse. This causes a fight, and one of the men kills the Swede. In the film version, another man comes to the hotel as the Swede is about to leave. The Swede boasts about his fight with Johnny about how badly he beat him. The new customer seem to care about their fight, which angers the Swede and causes him to try to start another fight, which in the end causes him to be killed. By changing the ending, the filmmakers may have tried to show that the Swede really was crazy, as the others thought. Or perhaps it was because earlier in the story the Swede kept saying, “I am going to be killed before I leave this house” and “I won’t get out of here alive” and they wanted this foretelling to come true.
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