Bloody Macbeth in the first degree

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The twenty-first century judicial system goes back in time to solve murders in the past. Many high school students before they proceed to college will read the play Macbeth written by William Shakespeare, this play like many have very relatable universal themes such as greed, relationships, and good versus evil. If the play Macbeth was applied in today’s judicial system for killing Duncan the prosecutor would have to look at all the angels of the crime right down to the motivates and the purpose of what drove him to commit the murder. Macbeth is guilty of first degree murder seeing that as the murder was premeditated and was done in order to gain control and or take an important position. Macbeth waited for the chance to murder the king and after he got the perfect chance to kill the king, he took control of the situation and took the weapon and plunged it into the king’s body. I think these actions fall into the category of first degree murder because first degree murder is the killing, which is deliberate and premeditated with felonies such as rape, burglary, arson, involving multiple deaths, the killing of certain types of people such as; a child, police officer, prison guard, and fellow prisoner. I would prosecute him with the first degree murder charge because it was premeditated and after the Duncan was killed, it then lead to several murders proceeding after the biggest calamity. I give Macbeth the first degree murder in view of the fact that he needed to cover his track after the king was killed, so he started planning more deaths within the kingdom to keep his secret withheld. Macbeth was foretold by three fortune tellers that would be the king, but how was he going to be king if there was one already which lead to the ... ... middle of paper ... ...ce to happen and he had the chance to his mind. He could have avoided the whole situation; he could have just accepted the titles that were placed upon him. Greedy Macbeth wanted more power. He let his better judgment be tested by all of the motives that was placed in his way as an obstacle. Crimes were committed and the death of Duncan brought upon many more killings by the hand of Macbeth. Blood was shed over greed and the prophetic word of the three fortune tellers. Macbeth should be guilty in the first degree, and punished with the capital punishment. Works Cited Shakespeare, William. "Section 2 act 5." Macbeth. : Project Gutenberg, 1602. . Print. Shakespeare, William. "Shakespeare Study Guides - Spark Notes - Spark Notes: Today's ...." spark notes. John Heminges, Henry Condell, 1 Jan. 2014. Web. . .

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