Blood Ties

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He closed his eyes tightly; trying to ignore the dull tension that had been building in his shoulders since he'd first woke up this morning. He eased his aching muscles against the tough leather of his old chair, sat in the corner of the room facing away from the television. On his lap sat two files, old cases he'd never been able to close, he found his more recent failures of a husband, and a father and as a cop easier to bare when stacked up against families he'd never been able to reunite and children who'd never see another sunrise. The room was partially illuminated by the television, its faintly flickering light enough that he could see the squalor he lived in, empty pizza boxes and old containers of Chinese food, and bottles of cheap booze in off-white labels. He stared out into the gloom, reaching for a bottle of something amber and intoxicating, anything that would make the ache in his chest, the pain that came with knowing everything he'd lost in past few years, and what was left of his pathetic life. He sipped from it freely, each mouthful sliding down his throat with a burning sensation and slowly the world dimmed further until he faded into a fitful sleep. When he awoke his body shuddered to life like an old engine that wasn't quite sure if it could make it. When he awoke he was made immediately aware of the condition of his body, his head felt like a thousand hornets were buzzing about his skull, his throat felt rough, and every muscle in his body ached, and he seriously doubted that even a month of sleeping in a proper bed would correct the damage done to his back. His stomach grumbled, and he eased himself from his chair, taking the ten short steps from his living room, to the space that he called a kitchen, he cli... ... middle of paper ... ...r of the room, this room belonged to someone much older, and the house was small and tucked away, it still had the look of somewhere a family might have lived. Often he wondered why he didn't just move away, this place was old and filled with things he'd rather forget, but it was the place of his rebirth, and he felt connected to it in a way he could not understand. The main problem with living here was the image it presented, he was young and worked very hard to protect a certain persona to anyone who may happen to glance his way, and everything that seemed strange about him, that drew unwanted attention his way, whether it be the way he lived or that his smile never quite reached his eyes were cracks in the mask he built for himself, and although the fewer of these cracks the better, for now he was willing to remain here regardless of how it might seem to others.
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