Blood Donation Case Study Solution

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Blood donation is a very essential procedure in the health system. The process entails collecting blood from willing donors, testing it and then separating it into its components so that it can be used on patients. Whereas hospitals are the main users of the donated blood, they are not exactly authorised to collect, test and separate it in their own premises. Most of the health institutions get the blood from larger bodies such as the Red Cross or other Community based blood groups. Like every other health enabling commodity such as medicine, blood is sold not only to the patients but also to the hospitals themselves. Though initially faced with lots of problems, blood transfusion has been used since 1667 as a solution to some of human illnesses.…show more content…
The Community Blood Centre of the Carolinas is a new blood centre made up of several health centres who found out that breaking to form their own blood supply chain could solve some of their problems. Increasing blood costs is the main causative problem of all other problems as observed through a clear look into the case. The cost of blood is said to have been constantly rising, with a notable scenario when it doubled within a year. This is what triggered one hospital (Carolinas Healthcare System) to act and influence others in the…show more content…
In view of the rising costs of blood, the hospital tried to have sensible discussions with Red Cross and their answer was quite simple and disappointing and that was, for the hospital to get other blood suppliers if it simply didn’t like their prices. Carolinas Healthcare System was not the first to get such a blatant answer and neither was it to be the last. The hospital understood that though the Red Cross had their headquarters in Charlotte, and a national blood testing lab, decisions were not made from within but from St Louis. Based on this, they would not be expecting any considerable action as St. Lois never showed any interest in solving Carolina’s
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