Blood Diamonds and Rap Industry

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Conflict or blood diamonds are diamonds that have been mined by means of forced labor or slavery. Blood diamonds come from places like Sierra Leone. The people of Sierra Leone are being enslaved by the rebel Revolutionary United Front (R.U.F). A majority of the people that are enslaved are children including what are called demobilized child soldiers. Demobilized child soldiers are child soldiers that no longer are in the rebel army but have to stay at camps where all of the "retired" child soldiers have to go until the Revolutionary United Front decide to either kill them or find use for them by making them rejoin their ranks. The rebel army uses the child soldiers to help imprison other children and make them slaves. So to sum it up blood or conflict diamonds are not a good thing.

This has noting to do with Paul walls diamond encrusted grill or does it ? The rap industry and blood diamonds may have more in common than most would think. Blood or conflict diamonds and the rap industry are connected because rappers are known for their love of expensive things like "bling". the rap industry has inadvertently by purchasing so many conflict diamonds supported the rebel forces and without in most cases even having knowledge of the history of what they had purchased. SierraLeone is a place that has many of the worlds best diamond fields and wars wage for control of them. Workers in Sierra Leone can be any age and a lot of children are used to fight for control of the diamond fields called "boy soldiers". There are even hospitals specifically for amputees because of how many soldiers and miners get hurt when working to feed themselves and their families. Despite being rich with diamonds the people of Sierra Leone are very ...

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...other countries problems however if it means ending the suffering of thousands of innocent people such as mothers , children , the elderly then there is a just cause in interfering in the problem with Sierra Leone and the rebels there that are enslaving and murdering people. The Diamond trade is a large majority of the income of Sierra Leone, and it is vital that we no longer allow it to be corrupt. It is crazy to think but four percent of all diamonds worldwide come from sierra Leone alone.
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The slaves have to use old back breaking methods to get the diamonds they don't have technology helping them or anything besides their hands and pick axes when actually in mines. When the slaves are panning for diamonds if they try to take any of them they will be killed by the commanding person who witnesses it.

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