Blood Diamonds

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Sierra Leone, a small country located in west Africa, has recently dropped its population from 4.4 million to 2 million because of a massive war that had struck quite swiftly. This war had been a great tragedy to those who were in Sierra Leone at the time for they were innocent and had no do of wrong. To dig to the core, you would find that this war was primarily caused by the diamonds in the country. In efforts to preventing such a tremble in this or any other country again, many solutions to this issue have been brought up from around the world. A war named Blood Diamonds had hit in Sierra Leone, causing many tragic events to occur including the 50,000 people dead. In efforts for the war to be named Blood Diamonds, the war had been caused mainly by the easily extractable diamonds in Sierra Leone. Attacks of the Revolutionary “United Front (RUF) ,led by former army corporal Foday Sankoh”(Encyclopedia Britannica), were on government military and civilians. In response to a corrupt government, the RUF performed violent and terrorist acts that scarred many. “The RUF captured civilians ...

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