Blood Diamond

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Through these lines Benjamin wants to say that all people are basically good, it’s the work done by them, distinguish them. A person who does good work is considered as a good individual and other as a bad. He wants to convey that people are good to each other generally but the actual test of their nature comes when they have to put themselves on line in order to help others. But here comes a dilemma. A good work done by an individual can be considered as bad for other. It’s basically our perception that defines what is good or bad, right or wrong. If we consider a situation depicted in the movie, the work done by RUF can be considered right on their part. But on the other hand, it can also be considered as one of the most gruesome act, violating the human’s rights.

Danny says “people are just people”. According to me, he meant that people should not be judged on the basis of their actions. People act in a way they desire to and it depends on the situation. There is no thought process involved in that. They take decisions based on variety of factors which are not known to them.

Similar is the case when you considered ethics in real life. Ethics cannot be defined. It involves not only our rational thinking, but also our perception. You may perceive a thing that is good, that is ethical but at the same time if may be unethical for someone else. Same is the situation with business ethics. It is often perceived as “bad” people do “bad” things, practise unethical behaviour. However, in many cases wrongdoing is done by people who are viewed as good mangers, good leaders and even good leaders. Another viewpoint can be added to this in terms of organizational ethics. At workplace you may be ethical, but you may be called upon to do th...

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...assigned task by the given date and so more task was given to me to help them. But why only me, was because the team leader found out that the other three software engineers were not competent enough and being a critical project he cannot give them such tasks before any further training were given to them. Also due to shortage of time he cannot give them training right now. And why team lead always went on time because he always has to attend a conference call with the client regarding the deliverables. He had not disclosed this to me in public, because on knowing this other three engineers would have felt de-motivated. I felt so guilty and bad on my action of escalating the matter. I realised that it might happen, you feel that people attitude is bad, what he is doing is wrong but there might be some situations behind it. People behave as per the situation demands.
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