Blood Brothers by Willy Russell

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Blood Brothers by Willy Russell Linda goes to Eddie who is on the counsel, and manages to get a counsel house. [IMAGE] She also gets him a new job. He becomes unresponsive. Linda who loves him very much, ends up being very unhappy which ultimately leads to her affair with Eddie. [IMAGE][IMAGE] He takes dugs to help him deal with life. [IMAGE][IMAGE] Another example is when Mrs Johnstone wants to take her other twin back Mrs Lyons uses superstition to keep Eddie: Mrs Lyons, page 13, “That if either twin learns that he was one of a pair they shall both immediately die. Unemployment Mickey gets made redundant. Meaning he has to go on the dole. Mrs Johnstone is very superstitious an example of this is: Mrs Johnstone, page4 “ Oh god, Mrs Lyons, never put new shoes on a table…you never know what’ll happen.” [IMAGE][IMAGE] Mickey becomes depressed while in prison. [IMAGE][IMAGE] Superstition [IMAGE][IMAGE] Friendships Mrs Johnstone is worried about having twins. Mrs Lyons is desert to have baby so she bullies Mrs Johnstone into giving her one. [IMAGE] Mrs Lyons is unable to have children. [IMAGE] Infertility [IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE] Mickey gets Linda Pregnant. He marries her. [IMAGE] Sammy Bullies Mickey into helping with some sort of crime they get caught and put in prison. [IMAGE] Mrs Lyons bullies Mrs Johnstone into giving her a twin. She also bullies Mr Lyons into moving. [IMAGE] Bulling plays a major part in this play. [IMAGE] Bulling [IMAGE] Key Themes in ‘Blood Brothers’ Before Mickey shoots Eddie he asks his mother why couldn’t she of given him away. [IMAGE] Marriage [IMAGE] Mr Lyons is a successful businessman. Mrs Lyons doesn’t have to work, so she stays at home. [IMAGE] Mrs Johnstone has seven children.

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