Blogging for Emotional Well Being

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Blogging for Emotional Well Being

"Imagine keeping a diary every day, but instead of locking it up and stowing it in your desk drawer, you do the exact opposite. You post it on the Web, letting the entire world -- well, anyone who stumbles upon it, anyway -- inside your head." (Nord)

I am sure that almost everyone at some point in time has received the following advice when feeling down: "Why don’t you write out your thoughts?", "Write a song or a poem.", "Write a letter to a friend, telling what you feel." In effect, ‘write’! Writing is therapeutic. It’s a fact of life that everyone has experienced. Every author, poet, songwriter, speaker we know has written for one simple reason, they need to.

"I caught up on my webreading today, and that article on web logging really hit home. I know that most folks don't care about what I'm writing. The keys to why I want to keep it up (note, I'm still trying to keep it up, not always making it) are A) it's therapeutic as hell just to write it B) someone might care, and respond, and that ONE person makes it all okay." (FanBoy)

Writing out personal thoughts, feelings, observations, and experiences increases the understanding of one’s way of thinking. It helps one realize issues not thought about before. Writing can solve problems by getting to the root of issues. People keep journals, sketchbooks, or diaries to assist in understanding themselves. Some people keep blogs. Blogs are very much like journals in that there is a freedom to type out a plethera of feeling and emotion onto a keyboard. Observations such as a description of an interesting person seen that day may fall into a personal web log. "These blogs, often updated several times a day, were instead a record of the blogg...

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...eople to help themselves.

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