Blogging On Betting Controversy On Gambling

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Blogging on Betting Controversy Apparently, betting has grown to heights of professional levels where individuals have invested their time and resources to hit jackpot on betting. This happened to form a basis on which I felt urged to enlighten the people about how betting is draining people’s financial stability. (Haas, 2013). Additionally, I felt touched with students who ventured into this gambling activity hoping to move from rugs to riches within a day or two. In the eventual end, I never expected this writing moment to change the way I relay my messages through writing. As I have briefly mentioned above, betting is one of the most popular gambling practice of modern times. As a result, it became advisable to enlighten individuals on this norm that was rapidly encroaching our society to threatening levels. Given the fact that it is very profitable to have a minute investment to produce as much as millions of dollars in a single day, then it would be next to impossible to convince individuals not to venture into the betting industry. The blog generally brought into perspective the behavior that was portrayed once an individual engaged in betting practices. This included all the adverse effects that came with addiction in addition to destabilizing one’s financial strength. On the other hand, it became a necessity to touch on the most affected group in the society who, by then, happened to be students. To be more specific, university students formed the largest group in this section whose gambling activities were considered to be at a very high rate. These individuals were seen betting with each and every coin they had, including tuition fees and other saving that could have been of benefit to them. Given their hard life as ... ... middle of paper ... ...ement). The essence of having such a modest discussion is to ensure peaceful coexistence and respect within the workplace. This happens to be another crucial aspect writing installed in my database of literacy knowledge. Additionally communication among subordinates would only be termed safe under various elements. Mostimportantly, communication among this group of employees should not breed any form of tension in terms of ill-feeling and instances of disrespect. Subordinates should be in a position to communicate with each other healthy information that is relevant to their workplace as well as have some of motivation. On the other hand, there are times when subordinates need to communicate with their supervisors. Safe communication between the two parties should possess some elements of respect keeping in mind that a supervisor is superior to an ordinarysubordinate.

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