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Publishing Plan The publisher of my magazine is called 79 ideas publishing group. This company was established in April 2000. The headquarters of the publishing company is situated at London, United Kingdom. They also have a branch at New York. This company mainly publishes magazines. One of the main aims of this publishing company is to provide alternative to the masses, from content to the design of the magazine. This publishing company aims to provide experience to its target audience. This magazine also aims to provide opportunities for graduates and students creative flair in magazine production. Is it appropriate to the publisher’s aims? My devised magazine is appropriate for 79 ideas publishing group because of numerous of reasons. One of the main reasons is that my magazine shares the same aims with this publishing group. One of the main aims of my magazine is to provide an alternative to mainstream lifestyle magazine. According to my research that the mainstream magazines mostly focus on famous celebrities and gossip. My magazine will focus on ‘normal’ citizens life. My magazine will feature bloggers and life changing stories of non-celebrities. The target audience of this magazine will be students, between the ages of sixteen to thirty five years old. I have chosen this age bracket to be my target audience because according to my research this target audience has the most indispensible income. The gender my magazine is intended to appeal both genders. Typical magazines are usually in size A4 and contain approximately 133 pages per issue. The format of my magazine will differ from a conventional magazine. Instead as an A4 magazine it will be an A5 magazine. It is more compact than normal magazine, so it can be ta... ... middle of paper ... ...ternet version to the subscribers of the magazine. The Internet version will have more content, in terms of the multimedia, but to keep the printed readership, I will not post the exclusive content published on the magazine. It is important to collaborate with the benefits of digital publishing. As my target audience will have a very active lifestyle, electronic version would benefit a lot and often the traditional publishers that are not very welcoming the shift of the audience to online media (Whittaker, 2008, p.2) Works Cited Barnard, M. (1989). Inside magazines. 1st ed. London: Blueprint in association with the Periodical Publishers Association. Leslie, J. (2000). Issues. 1st ed. London: Laurence King. Phillips, L. (2009). Publish your first magazine. 1st ed. Atlanta, Ga.: 360 Books. Whittaker, J. (2008). Magazine production. 1st ed. New York, NY: Routledge.

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