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Have you ever been completely oblivious to a situation that is taking place right behind your back? You think that everything is going just fine in your perfect little world. You have everything planned out and it seems to be working out right on track. Then all of a sudden you discover something so devastating that it changes your whole life, and everything you worked at for nearly a year. This is exactly how I felt when I found out that my girlfriend had been cheating on me. I felt like everything I had worked so hard to establish had been gone, and that I was all alone.

My life was going along perfectly. I was in the middle of soccer season. My team was destined for the District Championship, and already claimed the Laurel Highlands Championship. I had an amazing girlfriend, who I cared for a lot, and thought she cared about me. She was a junior at Westmont, and also played soccer. She was slightly shorter than me with long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. I constantly spending time with her, despite all of my time spent practicing for soccer. My life was focused on her and keeping our relationship a happy one. There was not a day that went by that I did not take the time to at least talk to her for a while, no matter what I had to do.

It was the happiest time of my life. I was a totally different person. I was nicer to everyone, and cared a lot more about what was going on around me. Before my girlfriend I was just a quiet shy kid that did not really talk to anyone. She really helped me to come out and talk to people and be a lot nicer person. I was almost certain I finally had a relationship that I thought would last more than just a couple of months. Maybe this would even be the one person I would spend my life with. That’s how strong our relationship was. I was trying my hardest to make sure that this would be true.

For nearly a year, our relationship was amazing. Everything was working out perfectly. We had plenty of time to spend together and we were never really apart. I had just made the choice to come to UPJ meaning that I could be home and spend time with her. I would never make a choice that important, such as a college and my future based on another person, so that had nothing to do with it. Anyway, I would be staying here in the area so we would...

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...blind to a situation. Before this had all happened I always used to think, wow, how stupid could someone be to not know that their girlfriend, or boyfriend, is cheating on them. Well, I guess I found out the hard way that it is not that easy to realize what is going on right behind your back.

Maybe I knew about it all along, maybe I am really not as blind as I think, maybe I was not clueless to it at all, and I just would not let myself believe that it was really true. How could someone that you care about so much, do something that heartless to you? It is almost unbelievable that a person can be that cruel. I spent a little over a year of my life caring and dedicating a great part of my life to this person. However, right behind me for nearly a month my life was drastically changing, and I had no idea of what was to come.

When my girlfriend cheated on me, I felt totally blind to the world. I was lost in my own world, and felt completely alone. The worst feeling I have ever experienced throughout my life was when this happened, and I hope I never have to go through anything like this again.
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