Blessed by Technology

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The Industrial Revolution, which began in Britain around 1760, marked an era in which simple hand tools evolved into powerful machines and factories. The sudden change in production sparked controversy in the modern world about whether the Industrial Revolution affected society in a negative or positive way. The shift from manual labor to technologically advanced labor was one that was abrupt, yet successful. Not only did this revolution shape society and the way of life of all people living in England at the time, but it also brought about advances that are present in current day and the modern world. Although working and living conditions at the time were dismal at best, the Industrial Revolution was ultimately a profound blessing for the greater good of society and cultivated innovative ideas. The Industrial Revolution was beneficial to society not only because it set the precedent for future generations in the work force, but also for facilitating major advancements in technology.
The strides in the advancement in technology are one of the main reasons the Industrial Revolution became such a success. Many machines were invented over a short period of time. Some of these machines include the Flying Shuttle by James Kay, the Spinning Jenny by James Hardingway, and the water frame by Richard Arkwright. These three machines single handedly transformed the textile industry by ending the “putting out” system forever. Machines like these sped up production and helped influence other inventors in the technological world. Other machinery such as the seed drill also helped contribute to the advancement in technology by creating a more efficient way of farming. Due to the creation of such equipment, there was an outburst of new jobs, wh...

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...e not for the Industrial Revolution and the innovative ideas that it sparked.
The Industrial Revolution initiated a time period of innovation and technological success. It was a transition between physical works into manufacturing through machines. Although the Industrial Revolution may have been depicted as a time of harsh labor and appalling living conditions, it ultimately created an enhanced society in which the later generations could prosper based off of the hard work of the British at that time. Through years of invention and improvements, England was able to advance in technology and evolve over the years spreading ideas around the world. As population increased and jobs could be filled, Britain’s economy flourished and the standards of life had improved greatly. All these factors combined shaped the current, modern world and began the ascent to success.
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