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As a result of the previously mention viewpoint, one most learn to focus on not the quantity of life but its quality. This then brings up the question of whether a person should be forced to live, even when they no longer have the ability to eat or breathe or even think for themselves. Society has put too much emphasis on the notion of life itself and not enough emphasis on what that actually should pertain. “It should be considered as much of a crime to make someone live who with justification does not wish to continue as it is to take life without consent” (Girsh). Living through excruciating pain as your body deteriorates, doesn’t seem like the humane thing to do. In actuality, forcing a person to live when doing so has no meaning for them except excruciating pain just so they cannot cross the moral line about death set down before them by others, is the more cruel and unethical action.
Val McKay, a mother who passed away from complications due to multiple sclerosis, feared her then impending death process because having MS meant that the body would shut down part by part (someti...