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Black Wonder is a woman who is against the unfair treatment of black women and children. She has the power of knowledge and she is the wisest woman of all, her powers were acquired through her adventure into a toxic waste facility some years ago. She gained the motivation to do this through her work as a government official in the welfare office. Seeing the multitude of single moms who get denied welfare because of the women that abused welfare years ago these women were called the 'Welfare Queens’. She wants to hurt anyone who has affected the chances of other women and takes their rights to welfare away. This minority group stood out to me in many ways because this group of people was neglected greatly when people decided to determine how…show more content…
Demby states a big thing that my character is trying to do her task as a superhero, “Writers routinely revisit stories from to deepen their mythologies and, sometimes, to try to correct the errors of the past.” Black Wonder is trying to go back and revisit the task of trying to reform the welfare system so that African Americans can live great lives. My superhero is one who tries to break all the rules to ensure that African American women can get representation and assure that they will be supported by the government. I also want to change the idea of women needing to depend on men to be saved or to get what they need in order to survive. This is what Black Wonder wants to do help women get help from the government instead of going and trying to depend on a male’s money. The author Lawrence from “The Lone Ranger” says “As for women, they exist in the Ranger’s world to be rescued, not as partners or companions.” This to me means that women are seen as helpless individuals who are there looking for men to rescue them instead of them being able to stand up for themselves This to Black Wonder’s motive to get women to be able to get what they need without the government trying to hinder their ability to receive the support that they…show more content…
Women who are African-American welfare recipients have struggled for many years in America. Foster from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville describes the struggles that the women faced when applying for TANF " … us poor single African American woman who scams taxpayers by having babies then demanding public support. She is demonized not just because of her race or her gender or her class, not just because she is single, and not just because she has children” (Foster 163). A welfare woman has ruined the chances of a woman who is in good standings with the law to get the money needed to take care of their families; women who commit acts like this disregard how their actions will affect other people in the long run. Foster begins to go in depth about what this woman did, she tells the reader, “Ronald Reagan named the Welfare Queen as he told exaggerated stories of "Inner City" women with countless children collecting welfare checks under numerous names, driving Cadillacs, and trading food stamps for cigarettes and alcohol” (Foster 164). This woman decided to take on several names and many fake children in the state of Chicago when Ronald Reagan was President. This woman gave the idea of being a black woman living in the Inner City a bad

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