Black Sexulaity

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First in attempting to analyze the why that sexual politics is this impalpable thing within the African American community, I had to first understand what sexual politics is. Then, capturing that it is impossible to critically analyze the sexes in terms of power without acknowledging society’s role in manipulating Black understanding of itself, and in this case, Black sexuality. Black sexual politics consists of a set of ideas and social practices shaped by gender, race and sexuality framing Black women and men’ treatment of one another (Collins, p7). But if gender, race and sexuality have all been shaped by social practices just as social practices have shaped them, where does that leave the African American community in understanding of what is actual about the nature of their gender, race and sexuality versus what is society say it is. The pre-conceived westernized animalistic sexual politic of the Black being lives outside of normal and is the last to be so widely taught as positive. Norms influence people’ sense of themselves as men and women as well as perceptions of masculinity and femininity (Collins, p6). The elusiveness of sexual politics within the African American community stems from African Americans having historically and systemically been stripped of their notion of themselves and then clouded with Westernized ideas of what black sexual politic is. America is a sexually repressive society. Black sexuality within these westernized standards is often constructed, as aberrant while Black politics remain unspeaking of such repression. As a result, African Americans lack a vibrant, public discussion of the complex issues that the prevailing discourse on black sexuality has raised for African American men and wo... ... middle of paper ... ...with prior forms of economic organization, a similar outcome exists today (Collins, p33). Capitalism stands at the forefront of constructing the new racism and its affects on masculinity within the African American community. And if capitalism is the vehicle of the new racism that keeps the economic state of the African Americans at a stand still, then powerless Black men and women have as much understanding of black sexual politics now as they did in the 1960’s. Masculinity, in America, comes in the form of a man being employable and having the ability to support his family. But African American men do not have access to this kind of normalized masculinity. Instead, they are left to grapple with an elusive sense of manhood…unsure of whether it comes from the ability to be the breadwinner within his family unit or the ability to instill fear in those who can.

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