Black September's Attacks on the 1972 Munich Games

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A terrifying scene happened on Wednesday, September 6th 1972 in Munich, West Germany. A gang of Arab terrorists named Black September was a palestinian Liberation Organization (ABC News). The Black September broke into the Olympic village and started to fire their weapons at the Israelis. After 18 hours in a shootout with German police, 11 members of Israel's Olympic team and 4 Arab terrorists were killed along with police. Many were injured. For example, helicopter pilots. The games were meant to be a inocent ancient tridation but the Black September made the truth come out. The Munich Games enforced the anti-semitic views the Nazi party held.
The Nazi party became stronger when Hitler came into power. Hitler was an extremely smart man who used insidious tactics to get what he wanted. For example, using propaganda and persuading others to keep him in power by promising them safety/protection. Hitler kept his racist opinion secret while hosting the Summer Olympics in Berlin on August 1936. The nazi regime used the Games to impress many foreign leaders and journalists with an image of...

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