Black Plague

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The black plague led to numerous outcomes that influenced human life in the late 13th century such as: a growing disbelief in god, advancements in knowledge, and the attainment of a higher quality of life. These were also contributing factors leading to humanism in post bubonic plague European culture. The plague led to a diminishing belief in god because everyone was under the impression that god had sent the plague so they would pray and ask for forgiveness upon their sins and still it changed nothing. Even the popes and priests were dying, no one was safe from the plague and this even further lessened the power of the church, people were turning to different religions to find a cure for the plague, even creating new religions such as the Flagellants, whom believed if they self-harmed the black plague would no longer spread, yet it was futile there was still no religion that could save them from the plague. The people’s religious views were a haggard wreck of their former glory and they needed something else to believe in. So they needed something else to focus their energy upon, ...

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