Black Mirror Self Reflection

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“Powering what? All tiny cells in tiny screens and bigger cells in bigger screens and fuck you” (“Fifteen Million Merits”). Human biological and cultural evolution are closely related to technological innovations. As a result, aspects of behavior, mental capacities, language, neurological functions, economical and social systems are being disrupted in such a way that there is a chain of positive and negative effects. In the British tv series “Black Mirror” there is a certain nostalgia to the concept of suggested technologies. The title “Black Mirror” itself defines the idea of our self reflection on a digital platform such as a tv, phone, or computer. When these everyday screens are off they appear to be black mirrors. Who we are and what we do with our everyday lives revolve around…show more content…
Privacy is very important to me as a form of self reflection. The state of being free from public attention is important because it permits a limit on government power, personal data can be used to cause us harm. It can be used as a tool to exercise control over us. Privacy is about respecting individuals, and maintaining appropriate social boundaries. Having privacy is important for trust whether its relationships, personal, professional, governmental, or commercial. The importance of liberty is having the choice and dominance over our lives, freedom of thought and speech. I believe the future of our privacy will depend on how we react to these changes, with such new technologies such as face recognition. It’s easy to say that we are progressing toward having less privacy in the future years to come. Our privacy is already being invaded in multiple ways and will continue to loose value if we allow it to. I conclude that the value of privacy in the future will require a radical and persuasive change in society and social structure in order to favor a new system that we live in due to the advances presented in our present
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