Black Holes Essay

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Black holes are one of the many amazing unexplainable wonders around the world. Black holes are also very abundant in many galaxies especially the Milky Way. There is believed to be at least over ten million black holes scattered around the Milky Way galaxy alone. In every galaxy there is a supermassive black hole that is at least billions of times as big as the sun and it is big enough to swallow the whole solar system.
The first black hole was discovered in 1971 and John Wheeler, an American astronomer, coined the term black hole in 1967 (“Black Holes: Facts”). Black holes are formed out of pieces of a star that have exploded in a supernova explosion (“Black Holes – NASA”). They are also formed when two stars have a stellar collision to form bigger black holes (“Black Holes – NASA”). A star, about three times the size of the sun, cannot collapse due to the effects of gravity (“Black Holes – NASA”). When the star is collapsing it nears the event horizon where time slows down (“Black Holes – NASA”). When the star finally reaches the event horizon time stops and the star cannot collapse anymore (“Black Holes – NASA”). Occasionally black holes can be formed when an existing black hole and a neutron star collide producing another black hole (“Black Holes – NASA”). The collision between the two also makes gamma ray bursts which helped astronomers figure out how the gamma rays were made (“Black Holes – NASA”).
When a bigger star falls in on itself it keeps going to make a stellar black hole (“Black Holes: Facts”). The biggest black hole also known as the supermassive black hole is believed to be in the center of every galaxy even in the Milky Way (“Black Holes: Facts”). Also supermassive black holes are millions to billions of time...

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...e of the Schwarzchild black hole is the Kerr black hole which rotates instead of just standing still ("Black Holes." Black). The Kerr black holes rotation happens when the black hole was created ("Black Holes." Black). The matter that formed the black hole had angular momentum and this momentum was preserved ("Black Holes." Black). When the black hole is finally formed it should spin about 1,000 times per second ("Black Holes." Black). This spinning action causes the singularity to compress into an unlimited thinness that orbits the center of the black hole ("Black Holes." Black).
In general relativity it is said that it describes spacetime as changing shape and behaves differently in the presence of other factors ("Black Holes." Black). These events also effect matter and energy which are going to come in contact with the curved spacetime ("Black Holes." Black).
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