Black Dahlia Case Analysis

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In the late 1940’s, the United States was filled with much prosperity after the second world war ended. This prosperity meant an abundance of wealth was being distributed to many people around the nation. On the contrary, this wealth did not mean happiness or stability in everyone’s life. In fact, the murder of the beautiful, young aspiring actress, Elizabeth Short, demonstrates this idea. Short’s death was due to a person that lost their sanity, although they seemed to have everything they needed in life. Her death became an infamous murder mystery case when the media dubbed her as the Black Dahlia. The Black Dahlia’s killer is thought to be unknown by many, but the evidence provided from the case makes it obvious that the killer is an intelligent…show more content…
The next question posed would be: why is this considered an unsolved murder mystery case? It is obvious Hodel is the killer, but he was never convicted of the crime by the court. Hodel’s son believes his dad was “in cahoots with crooked cops running a high-end abortion business and was thus given protection” (Hewitt and Hannah). Thad Brown and William Parker, two Deputy Chiefs in the Los Angeles Police Department, are suspected to have covered up the Black Dahlia murder case. They are said to have been “directly responsible for knowingly permitting a psychopath serial killer to remain free until he was finally forced to leave the country in 1950” (Hodel 321). Hodel remained a free man for several years after the murder. The evidence was too apparent to all of the world making it hard to say stay safe forever. Forced to leave the country, Hodel would no longer be able to be convicted of a crime. He was out of the Los Angeles Police Department’s hands, which made it much more peaceful to the public to not have a doctor who is a murderer running around town. Because of Hodel’s high profile in the city of Los Angeles, it enabled him to get away with murder until the day he died. The murder case of Elizabeth Short was not a fair trial nor did it help Short receive the justice she, her family, and friends deserved. Many murder cases fill up with…show more content…
All of the evidence singles out a person that is a doctor or surgeon to be the killer. Hodel had to of performed this gruesome murder. First when Hodel became a prime suspect in the ongoing case, he was recorded and proven to have hinted that he supposedly did kill the Black Dahlia. Hodel also had an intimate relationship with Short that ended abruptly which caused him to act out in revengeful ways. In result of his mental illness, Hodel used his medical knowledge to perform such twisted tasks on Short’s body. The only reason this case has remained a mystery is because of Hodel’s illegal involvement with head chiefs in the Los Angeles Police Department. The killing of Elizabeth Short caused many people to question the morals of normal, everyday people around them. Short‘s killer, Doctor Hodel, carried out this violent action because of his jealousy, intelligence, and disturbing mind. The murder of Elizabeth Short is a reminder that no one is safe and one can never know who someone could really turn out to
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