Black Boy By Richard Wright

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The world can often be a difficult place, especially for those who refuse to fall within the norms. The memoir Black Boy by Richard Wright tells his story growing up in a world that fights against him, and the willpower that he has to push forward and fight right back. Throughout the novel, Wright builds upon several concepts to demonstrate the struggles and challenges that he faced while growing in a world where the odds were against him. Richard Wright explores racism (1), literature (2), and religion (3) to reveal the inner strength and willpower that he gains after overcoming the discrimination in the society he lives in, but with the realization that some battles cannot be won. First, the concept of racism plays throughout the majority of the memoir, and it demonstrates the extent of the effects of segregation has had on Wright as he grew up in the racist southern section of the United States. The effects of racism have been deeply embedded into Wright 's mind as a child. He started to become well aware of his place in society as a black boy, but questioned the roles that came with it. Wright explores this idea after a conversation held with a gang that he associated himself with as a child, We were now large enough for the white boys to fear us and both of us, the white boys and the black boys, began to play our traditional racial roles, as though we were being guided by instinct. All the frightful descriptions we had heard about each other, all the violent expressions of hate and hostility that had seeped into us from our surroundings, came now to the surface to guide our actions (83). Through this quote, Wright demonstrates the racial behavior by which people his age live, as if it wasn 't instilled into them but that they... ... middle of paper ... ...Black Boy, Richard Wright explores the challenges that arise when faced with daunting obstacles by utilizing racism, literature, and religion throughout the memoir, giving many examples during his childhood of the issues he faced and how they were or were not defeated. Either way, it gave him insight and experience on what was wrong with the world and how to realistically approach it so that he can make the best of his situation. These ideas connect in that they presented Wright with struggles that revealed that humanity can often hold a person down if they are not willing to fight back and make their own rules. Problems like these still occur in this century as well and although they occur at a lesser degree, the damage is still felt but Wright 's battles can inspire those that are still struggling to fight back in the face of adversity until they emerge victorious.

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