Black Boy

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Black Boy3 Most young people have a dream of what they want to become. Maybe it doesn’t have to be a dream, but some kind of goal that they reach for. In the book, Black Boy, Richard, the main character, also had a dream, even though he lived in the South with strong white discrimination, pressure and a bad relationship with his relatives. As a student right now, I have dreams that I want to achieve in the future, even though I really don’t know how to achieve those dreams. Usually, when people are young, they have dreams of what they want to become. Those dreams may be being a firefighter, baseball player, teacher, pilot and so many other great jobs. When I was a child, I really wanted to become a pilot. The reason that I wanted to become a pilot when I was a child is that my father is a pilot. Richard had a dream to become a writer. However, Richard Wright’s main dream and reasons that made him have his dream are really different from mine. Richard was discriminated against by the whites, and was not treated fairly by his relatives. This terrible environment, which Richard lived through his young age, led him to seek freedom in nature. Even though he dreamed to become a writer, he had no leeway to think about dreams like that or mine. At first, he was just hungry for a better life and environment. Richard’s dream was to go up North for a better life and environment because he was tired of the discrimination and the racial distinction between whites and blacks. Richard and I are similar in some ways. I really don’t know how to get a job or anything. It is the same as Richard for not knowing the reality of being in the North and becoming a writer. He just imagined himself working all over the place where he could find jobs as one step to reach his dream. I study here in Keio and I believe that it is a step and part of a process to be an adequate person, to gain enough knowledge to have a job in the future. My dream right now is to have a job that would let me work in a foreign country.

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