Black Blizzards

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FDR eventually expressed was the idea of changing human behavior, not the weather. The people were trying anything to fix their distress, a problem that arose from overworking the land in hopes of advancing the economy and becoming prosperous during the Great Depression. It was the ultimately the people, not the weather that caused the problem and although efforts to restore the land made progress, not only men could do it. The CCC were sent out to plant trees in hopes of correcting the problem of erosion. What people began to realize is that in the beginning the settlers did not have the appropriate knowledge at the time that was necessary to avoid the mistakes that were made. Their mistake was over working the land that had not adapted to the kind of agriculture that was thrust upon it. The weather during the 1930s also did not help, and as Mark Svoboda says, “Mother Nature holds all the cards.” Lots of people suffered a great loss during one of the most difficult times in U.S history. People had committed suicide, experienced foreclosure or bankruptcies, and some ended up extremely sick and died. These problems were everyday in the Dust Bowl, and made living during the depression even more difficult for them. Even Roosevelt felt he failed in some way after his efforts, with misleading the farmers, and causing thousands of residents to retreat from the disaster. It would take time, years before the land could be in place again. The Great Plains may never have fully recovered from the damages brought upon by the Dust Bowl. Author and Journalist Timothy Egan wrote, “The land came through the 1930s deeply scarred and forever changed, but in places it healed.” The federal government bought millions of acres of land and tried ... ... middle of paper ... ...lasting and resources are extremely valuable. The Dust Bowl has taught us that the environment, people, and economy all intertwine in a circle of life that must heavily rely on each other. There is no way for survival if one falls. The environment will only survive alongside humans who are educated and supportive of it. The people will only thrive in an economy that is stable and secure. Also, the economy will only succeed if there are resources to be used to generate goods. As for the residents in the Great Plains, they have proven to survive one of the longest lasting disasters in the United States during one of the worst times in history. The citizens of the Great Plains have shown perseverance, and courage in a time where every single person felt weak and unable to survive. Surviving the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression is an achievement worth remembering.

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