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A study on
“The Impact of Packaging on consumers for Biscuit Brands”

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Economical: Biscuit industry is impacted by the downturn or upturn of global economy. The competition in the biscuit industry grew to an alarming level. Inflation and economic deprivation rendered people unwilling or unable certain products which affected the cash flows significantly however certain cheap products showed growth in sales.
Socio-environmental: After years of learning and modification the Indian biscuit industry has been able to get a higher status in terms of social well-being oriented industries. It has gained faith by using products which are safe to consume. The industry has also contributed a lot to social welfare activities like world food program’s
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The logistical function of packaging is mainly to protect the product from incidence of damage, spoilage or loss through theft or misplace goods during movement through the distribution channel. While in the context of marketing function, the packaging should be attractive enough and well design, so that it conveys the message of product attributes clearly. Quality judgments are largely influenced by product characteristics reflected by packaging, because package's overall features can underline the uniqueness and originality of the product. If the packaging attributes communicates high quality consumers assume that the product is of high quality. If the package symbolizes low quality, consumers transfer this low quality perception to the product itself. The package communicates favorable or unfavorable implied meaning about the product. Mark Speece (2004) suggests that consumers are more likely to spontaneously imagine aspects of how a product looks tastes, feels, smells, or sounds while they are viewing a product picture on the
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