Birth Order Personality

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There are many ways one’s personality is shaped. One of the major factors in one’s personality is their birth order. Each child in the family gets treated differently based on the order that their were born. This different treatment between each child molds their world-view as they grow up and that therefore affects their life goals and their lifestyles. Those who are first borns are often the focus of attention of the family until the next child is born, at which the first child becomes “dethroned.” Once the second child is born the firstborn begins to resent their sibling because they see him or her as rival for their parents attention. The second born child, the most fortunate child, is often extremely ambitious with his or her life goals.…show more content…
They can also be very worried that the world is a dangerous place because they do not trust the world, because they are not the center of attention outside their home. These children also have underdeveloped social skills and expect others to constantly paper and protect them which develops into a parasitic attitude. These birth orders will eventually affect the child’s lifestyle and their world view. There are two main worldviews or ways of perceiving the world. It can either be an evil horrible place that should be avoided, or it can be a place full of love and understand and should be embraced. This all depends on how the child perceives the world, beginning at a young age. What the child perceives to be real is much more important and affects their worldview more than what the actual physical world is. Since these early experiences are what determine how a child views the world, we can learn a lot about someone from their earliest memory because these are what are most vividly remembered. These early memories can help determine and explain our life goals and

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