Birth Order Essay

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Birth Order, as in the order a child is born in their family, has been a popular topic for researchers and the general public for decades. Originally it was claimed that personality was determined by birth order, and even now there are many stereotypes of the firstborn being mature and driven while the youngest child is often described as wild and rebellious (Bleske-Rechek and Kelley, 2013). Nowadays researchers find birth order and personality are unrelated. Whether or not intelligence is related to birth order is not completely clear as there have been many studies supporting both sides. However, based on the newest research the prevailing attitude is that intelligence is linked with birth order. Last of all an individual’s health seems to have a connection…show more content…
Black et al. (2016) found “First-borns are more likely to be overweight and have high blood pressure and high triglycerides. However, later-borns are more likely to smoke and have poorer self-reported physical and mental health” (Black et al., 2016: 3). According to this study, birth order does seem to affect health but it’s not in a way that is advantageous to firstborns or later-borns. Another study was done on birth order and childhood obesity, taking place in Ina Town, Japan where they studied fourth graders. The results suggested the youngest child had the highest chance for being overweight, while the oldest was more likely to be not overweight (Ochiai et al., 2012). Since overweight children tend to become overweight adults, this contradicts the findings of Black et al. (2016). The difference in results may be due to the differences in where the data was gathered for each study or the generational difference in the subjects used in the studies. Despite the possible inconsistencies between the two studies, both come to the same conclusion that health is affected by birth
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