Birth Control in Public Schools, The Debate Still Stands

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“Eighty two percent of parents have talked to their children about birth control but what about the other twenty seven percent?” Our nation has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies among western developed countries. What is that showing to our teens? Some say it falls back on the parents and other people argue the school system needs to step up their curriculum and teach about the different contraceptives not only about abstinence. Even though the responsibility should not fall back on the public school system, birth control should be taught in the public school because parents are not always educated in the different types of birth control and it could prevent pregnancy in high school.
My opinion is that the public school system should teach about the different kinds of birth control that's out there because “proponents argue abstinence only programs are not effective and students should be taught about other methods.” (Monique) I feel if we give our teens the knowledge they can use it or they can store it for a time that is right. Shouldnt we give our teens the information even if they don’t need it? That way teens can make a responsible decision. Knowledge is powerful and teens need to be informed to protect themselves. “A study was revealed that parents depend on schools and or media to inform their children about contraception”. (Mall) That could be taken one or two ways. First, parents should be taking to their teensagers about the risks they could face if becoming pregnant. An opinion could be some teenagers do not always look at the bigger picture. Secondly, they might rely on their friends to get answers. One mother wrote in an email “my son is in 4th grade and learns everything he knows from the kids who learn it f...

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