Birth Cesarean Birth And Waterbirth Essay

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Labor! What is the first thing when you hear the word labor? You are probably imagining the most common way of labor which is a natural birth in a hospital. However , that is not the only way you could give birth.When it comes to giving birth there is different techniques and ways to be in labor such as live birth, cesarean birth, and waterbirth. The mother has the option to choose what technique she wants to use when going into labor. To investigate these different techniques of giving birth I watched three different videos of women being in labor and I also shared my own experience of seeing a live birth. The first video I watched was a live birth. In this video, the women was giving birth in the car while her partner was driving to…show more content…
The video started by explaining the reasons why women get c- sections. For example, cesarean births happen because of medical conditions, previous c-sections, difficulties in labor, and the baby or the mother is distress. About nine people worked on the c- section surgery. In the process of beginning the cesarean birth, a nursed shaved the patient. Then they made sure if she did not feel pain before they proceed with the surgery. To begin the surgery the mother received a low transverse incisions in the uterine. After that, two doctors worked on the women’s first layers of fat, tissue, and skin to prevent the accessing bleeding. When they finished that process, they began to separate the abdominal muscles with their hands. The doctor then guided out the baby by taking out his head in the opening. Before taking the baby out they suction the baby’s nose and mouth. Finally, they pulled the baby girl out and they cut her umbilical cord. The anesthesiologist then gave the mother some antibiotics. The women lasted three minutes to deliver her baby. Before carrying her baby the mother had to wait a few minutes because the nurse had to take the baby to examine it and to clean it. After the delivery, the doctors began to clean her uterus and to staple the women’s incision. This process is the longest part of the surgery. The last procedure was to remove the epidural. In order for the…show more content…
Water birth is definitely something different from a live birth in a hospital or in any other place such as the car. In the video I watched, the women was giving labor in a birth center. The birth center looks very calm and relaxing, they even had inspiring quotes. For instance, “She believed she could. So she did.” is one of the inspiring quotes they have hang up on their walls. This quote was located close to the big tube in where the mother gave labor. The labor video started off by showing how the father was sitting in a position where he was in back of the women and hugging her from the back. This makes me think that they are in this position to make the labor less complicated. Near the tub, there was also a doctor telling the mother what to do and motivating her. For example in a time where the mother was complaining the women told her “take it slow” and “stretch your back.” The doctor also advised her to open her legs more to make it easier. Which actually worked because when she opened her legs more is when she was able to give birth. When the baby was born the mother herself grab the baby and she put it on her chest. After that, they cut the baby’s belly core and then the parents and the baby went to rest to the bed. Some few minutes later they all went back to the tube. Finally, after getting out the tub the doctor was able to check the baby’s heartbeat, did some footprints, measure her weight and
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