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1034 words

Bipolar disorder was formerly known as manic-depressive disorder, named after the two “poles” of the condition. Bipolar disorder is the extreme swings of mood and activities level. A person will wing from one pole to the next with no warning. Depressions and lethargy are one end of the spectrum of emotions and extreme elation and hyperactivity is the other end. This disorder is alternate periods of mania. A person could go years without going to either extreme or they could constantly go back and forth from each side of the spectrum. There are about five levels in the spectrum, the two farthest apart are extreme depression and the maniac phase. The next two in are mild depression and some elation and agitation. Right in the middle of the spectrum is the calm, people show no signs of the disorder and carry on like a normal human being. The maniac phase is very wild and uncontrolled, the depression phase is very lonely and painful; although scientists have yet to find the exact cause of the disorder there are treatments that can help this disorder.
The maniac phase of bipolar disorder usually has signs that one is going through it because of their erratic behavior and usually act out about three times a day when they are going through this phase. For it to actually be considered the maniac phase a person must go through this showing multiple symptoms for at least a week if not longer. This phase effects a person’s judgment, normal behavior and takes away their ability to make rational decisions. A person showing signs of the maniac phase shows euphoric energy, hyper-activeness, extreme talkativeness, and are emotionally wound. This is a psychological disorder meaning that their mental health and ability to think rationally are thro...

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...niac phase is where they lose the ability to think rationally and they do not make reasonable decisions. They are carefree and can really damage their life. When they settle down and actually realize what they did, they then become depressed. The depression hits them hard like a wave and makes their life seem dark, lonely and bland. Bipolar disorder is thought to be hereditary and caused by a certain gene or combination of genes and environmental factors that a person goes through. The best treatment is the combination of drugs and therapy because it regulates the body and lets the person get out any trapped feelings and express themselves. Talking gives them a chance to clear their mind and if they explain what it is they are going through chances are they will be able to find small steps they can take to work on staying away from the absolute ends of the spectrum.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that bipolar disorder is the extreme swings of mood and activities level, with depressions, lethargy, extreme elation, hyperactivity, and alternate periods of mania.
  • Explains that the maniac phase of bipolar disorder affects a person's judgment, normal behavior, and takes away their ability to make rational decisions.
  • Explains that the depression phase of bipolar disorder is filled with hopelessness and anxiety and a dark wave of melancholy.
  • Explains that there are various ways to treat and overcome bipolar disorder, including anti-depressants, ssris, and brain imaging studies.
  • Explains that bipolar disorder affects only a small percentage of the world's population.

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