Bipolar Disorder

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People know that there are many different types of illnesses in the world. Some of these illnesses can have a major impact on a person’s life. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depressive disorder, is a misconceived mental illness that can be dangerous if not treated correctly. A lot of people believe that being bipolar is a choice, but don’t realize that it is actually a disorder of the brain. There are many parts of learning about bipolar disorder, such as; what it is, the types of bipolar, what can cause it, the symptoms and signs, diagnoses, treatments, and how to live with the illness. Leaning as much about it and the treatments for it, can make living with this disorder, more manageable. When people come across someone who is acting in the extreme, whether it be extremely depressed or on an extreme high, the first thing that comes to mind, more than likely, isn’t a medical condition. One acting in the extreme high, in this case, is known as a manic episode. Whereas, being extremely depressed is known as a depressive episode. The signs mentioned above could be describing a person with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder was once called manic depression. What is it? Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to handle everyday life. (Atkins) These symptoms mentioned can be very severe. There are two classes of this disorder, bipolar type I and bipolar type II. Bipolar type I, known as classic bipolar disorder, is when there is at least one manic episode and at least one of sustained depression. (Atkins) Type II bipolar is described by someone have recurrent episodes of major depression and at least one hypomanic episode. (Atkins) This ... ... middle of paper ... ...arning and understanding a person with bipolar disorder. While you will never know what they are going through, you can do your best to understand. In conclusion, bipolar disorder is a serious condition if not treated, but with the right tools and how advanced research has come, it is manageable. Though it is not a well-known mental illness, and there is no cure for it right now, it can be a very important and dangerous one. Knowing what bipolar is, what types there are, what can cause it, and how oneself and supporters live with it can be very helpful. Medications, and counseling are two of the most effective ways of treating bipolar disorder, and finding the right combinations of both let people live with this disorder normally. People just need to take the time to further understand how and what others goes through and how they handle certain situations.
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