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I think the factors that account for the findings, that Bipolar Disorder is associated with the highest suicide rate are the best described by the study done by Eroglu, Karakus, and Tamam (2013). They suggest that the following factors influence suicide rates: biological, emotional and clinical influences, previous suicide attempts, gender, manic and depressive episodes, age onset, family history, substance abuse, rapid cycling, social phobia and general anxiety disorder.
On the biological influences Grangeon et al. (2010, as cited by Eroglu), suggest that brain lesions in the periventricular hyperintensities are more common in persons who attempt suicide with, than those without Bipolar Disorder (BD). He also emphasis the changes in the seratonergic system of people who attempt suicide. The level of the seratonin degradation product of 5-Hydroxyindoleacentic acid (5-HIAA), in the cerebrospinal fluid decreases and the level of thrombocyte 5-HT2A receptors increases, causing an imbalance that is directly associated with aggressive suicide attempts such as hanging, firearms or jumpin...
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