Biphobia In The LGBT Community

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Coming out, regardless of what one is coming out as, is incredibly difficult. An important aspect of accepting ones’ sexuality is the support that one gets from others of the same sexuality. “This support comes not only from loved ones … but also from associating with like-minded others in the gay, lesbians, and bisexual communities” (McLean 63). However, even in a group that’s been discriminated against by heterosexuals, there is an outstanding amount biphobia in the LGBT community. Bisexuals, while technically are included in the LGBT community, often have difficulty fitting in with the rest of the community. They often feel like outcasts because the gay and lesbian community aren’t as accepting as they should be. “The most prevalent antibisexual…show more content…
“Bisexual women have reported that tensions are more pronounced in lesbian spaces than in LGBT communities and that they can be covert and hidden rather than explicit, therefore difficult to identify or pin down” (qtd. in Hayfield 5). Lesbians have been found to be especially skeptical of bisexuals because they believe that they are just experimenting and will go back to being heterosexual after their experimental phase. From a study, lesbians came reporting with “anger, hate or mistrust towards bisexual women and preferring not be politically or socially associated with them” (Hayfield 4). Some lesbians outright refuse to date bisexual women, because they are afraid that they will later on cheat or leave them for a man. Some lesbians will date bisexual women as long as they’ve never been with a man before, because in their minds, women who have been with men are dirty and are tainted. It is also a belief among some lesbians that bisexual women are only saying they are bisexual in order to please heterosexual males. The belief that bisexuality isn’t a real and valid sexuality is most prevalent in the lesbian community. They often believe that these women are being “greedy” and “need to pick a
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