Biotechnology: The Pros And Uses Of Biotechnology

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Biotechnology According to, Biotechnology is a broad discipline in biology where biological organisms, processes, cellular or cells components are usually exploited to develop several modern technologies. New products and tools which are produced by biotechnologists are very useful in agriculture, research, industry, and the clinic. DNA cloning is the process of making several, identical copies based on a particular piece of DNA. Precisely, it is the beginning point for much of genetic engineering approaches based on biotechnology research. However, a tremendous amount of DNA is required for genetic engineering. Many copies of a piece of DNA may be made by use of polymerase chain reaction or either cloning DNA in the cells. Figure…show more content…
Isolation of the vector DNA from the host cell’s DNA and then is purified. Biotechnology products are those that are manufactured by a recombinant DNA Technology which is produced by biotechnology. These products include vaccines, antibiotics, transgenic plants, genetically modified organisms and lastly beverages. Biotechnology is not just one technology but several of them as it can produce an extensive variety of products across a range of industrial sectors like drought-resistant crops, ethanol from fermentation, microorganisms which clean up oil spills and many others. According to, Gene therapy is basically when the DNA is introduced into a patient to treat a genetic disease. Precisely, the new DNA contains a functioning gene typically to correct effects of a disease-causing mutation. Typically, there are two types of gene therapy, but they are different depending on the kinds of cells treated. There is somatic gene therapy and germline gene therapy. Additionally, there are also some techniques used to carry out gene therapy. These methods are gene augmentation, gene inhibition, and killing of specific cells therapy. However, genomics is an area that is within genetics and is concerned with analysis and sequencing of an organism’s genome. The genome is just the entire DNA content which is present in one cell of an
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