Biometrics: The Science of Human Recognition

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Biometrics: The Science of Human Recognition

As our society becomes more and more modernized so does our need for more sophisticated ways to identify people for who they really are. Biometrics is the science of human recognition.

With this rapid movement to develop this new technology, many companies have come out with different ways to distinguish people. Some of these new forms of recognition include; retinal scanning, iris recognition, finger imaging, hand geometry, face recognition, voice recognition and signature recognition. These forms of distinguish people may be broken down into two basic categories: physical characteristics and personal traits.

Physical characteristics are specific to each person. A physical characteristic is as unique as a person’s DNA code. A personal trait is a ‘style’ that is often unique to each person. The only problem with the recognition of this ‘style’ is that it may often change as a person grows and matures.

Retinal scanning falls into the category of scanning for physical characteristics. It is performed by bouncing a laser beam off the cornea, which then absorbs specific frequencies of light according to that person’s specific cornea. The light that is not absorbed bounces back into the machine and is then read. The machine is able to recognize the unabsorbed frequencies of light as, Frank Turco.

Another new physical biometrics system is iris recognition. Iris recognition is similar to retinal scanning. The colored area of the eye that surrounds the pupil has many lines randomly placed. These lines are specific to each individual; like a barcode is to a product. Again, a laser scans the eye and recognizes the bars of the iris as a person. Amazing isn’t it? Iris canning tends to be more ‘user friendly’ because you don’t need to be as close to the machine when it is scanning your iris. You may be up to nine inches away, where as with retinal scanning you may only be one to two inches away. The reason iris scanning is more "user friendly" is because when utilized by the public many communicable diseases may be passes along by the machine because of it close contact with the person.

Face recognition is similar to the way we recognize people. A computer would be utilized to take a photo of each person and then analyze it. The computer's analysis of the photo would use facial geometry to recognize each person.
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