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We live in a world today, in which technology moves at a very rapid pace. Many of these technological advances can be used to make our everyday lives easier and safer. One of these new technologies is Biometrics. Biometrics is the process of measuring a person’s physical properties. This would include measuring things like fingerprints, retinas, odor, vein structure on the back of the hand and many other things. Biometrics is a very important topic because it would create better security precautions for certain places that need to be secure. Biometrics will make our society safer by only allowing authorized people out of secure facilities and by keeping the unauthorized people out. Throughout the rest of this assignment I will discuss different types of Biometrics used and what the main uses are for these types of Biometrics. Then I will talk about methods of authentication for Biometrics and what the future has to hold for Biometrics.

There are many different types of biometrics used in today’s society. The main types of biometrics being used and researched today are hand scanning (hand geometry), iris recognition, face recognition, and fingerprint recognition. Hand geometry can be used in two different ways either using the whole hand for comparison or just using two fingers to identify you. Hand geometry is basically self-explanatory. The device scans either the whole hand or just two fingers of the hand and recognizes hand shape, line in the hands, and other characteristics that are specific to the person’s hand.

Another widely used biometric process is iris recognition. How iris recognition works is that a camera takes a picture of a person’s eye. The camera converts the image into a t...

... middle of paper ... different sci-fi movies and thought they were cool. It was great to find out that these methods are actually being used today throughout the world. They are not so futuristic now.


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