Biomedical Relevance Of Order Teuthida

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Biomedical Relevance of Order Teuthida When compared to the vast amount of information about terrestrial life forms that is readily accessible to the public and the scientific community, relatively little is known about ocean organisms. This lack of information provides excellent opportunities for new discoveries; indeed, research on microscopic communities and invertebrates is regularly yielding new information and exciting potential applications for medicine. Although marine cephalopods are not as popular as dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals, cephalopods are sources of an extraordinary diversity of biomedical products. This paper will examine the characteristics and applications of one structural components and one chemical product derived from cephalopods belonging to the order Teuthida (the squid). Research is still being conducted on the potential uses for squid sucker ring teeth proteins and squid ink, but recent experiments have yielded promising results. Structure and Biomedical Potential for Squid Sucker Ring Teeth Squid sucker ring teeth (SRT) have exciting biomedical potential, especially as starting materials for substitutes for damaged human tissues and appendages (Ziv, 2015, para. 10-11). Miserez and others (2009) describe sucker rings as small circular structures embedded in the larger squid arm sucker units. These rings are lined with hard ‘teeth’ that enhance the ability of the squid’s suckers to firmly attach to prey (p. 401). Testing has been conducted on sucker ring teeth from several squid species in various suborders beneath order Teuthida, but scientists are especially interested in SRT proteins from Dosidicus gigas, a species more commonly referred to as the Humboldt squid (Guerrete et al., 20... ... middle of paper ... increasing OBP dosage (Zuo et al., 2015, pp. 534-535). Scientists hope that further testing will result in an OBP supplemented food product that could reduce the discomfort in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy (Zuo et al., 2015, pp. 535, 538). Conclusion The members of order Teuthida are not only ecologically important, but their structural components and chemical products also have significant potential for increasing human health and flourishing. The number of possible products that can be derived from squid is too numerous to discuss in detail in one paper. However, after only a brief summary of the research that has been conducted on squid sucker ring teeth and ink, it is apparent that further research on both these squid products and others could prove tremendously beneficial, especially for cancer patients and individuals with severe tissue injuries.

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