Biomechanics In Basketball

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1.2 Shoot More Hoops
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Demonstrate understanding of the function of the body in basketball, When shooting and in a defensive position. Anatomy + Biomechanics of a basketball shot. Muscles that are used in a basketball shot, Muscles that are used in basketball are triceps, shoulders, forearms, biceps, pecs, quads and calves. All of these muscles are involved while playing basketball and shooting a basketball. The main muscles that are used are the triceps, biceps and forearms. The triceps are the muscles located in the back of your upper arm. Their function is to extend the elbow and also to bend and straighten your arm. This is crucial for when you go and take and shot but first you must bend your arm so that the ball is in the right position. Shoulders are used when you raise your upper arm. While shooting a basketball the shoulder muscles supraspinatus, infraspinatus, deltoids, subscapularis and teres are all much more heavily recruited on your shooting arm (left or right) than your non-shooting arm. The reason for this is because the large bone in your upper arm is being elevated higher to shoot the basketball. Forearm muscles that are
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Your quad muscles almost act like alloys or springs for your body. Quads can hold the position of your upper body for you so your upper body can maintain a comfortable position to shoot from without having all the weight that it already has upon it, making it a lot easier for you. You’ll also find that if you use both quad and calve muscle at the same time to jump it may feel a little more easier by decreasing the height that you have to shoot from just that little bit, it also feels good because when you jump and shot at the same time this is called a jump shot. When you jump in mid air or while going jumping the ball goes with the flow of your body making an easier

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