Biology And Evolutionary Biology : Why Are We Here?

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Who are we, and Why are we here? The search to answer these questions has led me to my interest in physical anthropology and evolutionary biology. Through my undergraduate studies in these fields, I not only discovered the wonders of human evolution, but my classes have made me became more aware of the many healthcare issues both locally and globally. It was this realization, and my growing interest in public health and healthcare policy, that lead me to apply to the integrated graduate studies program to receive a Masters in Bioethics, simultaneously with my undergraduate degree. By following this path of study, I was able to explore a wide range of disciplines. From the traditional hard sciences, to social sciences and philosophy, my educational background has allowed me to further investigate my interest in human evolution, culture and behavior. My coursework has taken me on a journey. While my initial questions are still active in my thoughts, my studies and my life experiences have allowed me to narrow down my interests and find my true passion. During my time at Case Western Reserve University I have been honored to learn and gain experience at many of the Cleveland area’s major hospitals. Working with University Hospitals’ Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center (HTC), I found that there is a great deal more to practicing medicine and clinical research then I previously thought. Assisting the Data Specialist and three Senior Nurses, I learned the importance of clinical research in the study of chronic diseases. My role in the department includes updating the research databases, keeping track of bleeding and transfusion logs, assisting in the data collection for research studies and helping to organize specialty clinics such as our A... ... middle of paper ... ...h my bioethics background I am interested in healthcare access and allotment, in addition to healthcare policy. My undergraduate science background, my past research experience and interest in chronic genetic diseases cultivates an interest epidemiology, specifically investigating health problems and enhancing prevention measures. The PHAP program will allow me to gain valuable experience, learn from others who are already working in the public health field and help me narrow down the area of public health that I am truly passionate about. The opportunity to participate in the Public Health Associate Program will be a great addition to my journey of pursuing a rewarding career in public health. It will allow me to formulate new questions and hone my skills that will enable me to be successful in my future work in public health field. Thank you for your consideration.

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