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The human body is made up of genes from each parent, some being genes we love such as curly hair and blue eyes, or genes that are hereditary making life difficult such as haemophilia. These unwanted genes that contain diseases can be altered by using biotechnology and can be successful by altering either the egg or sperm. Another way to change the formation of genes is to use somatic cells which are a multicellular cell, helping in the formation of the body. Those genes are then cloned into a viral vector. Genetic engineering is the process of manually adding or changing DNA in the genome in an organism. DNA is found in the nucleus of every cell and has a genetic code that is identical in all organisms. This is made up of 4 subunits represented by A, T, G and C. Genetic engineering works by physically removing a gene from one organism and placing it into another, allowing the organism to also experience that trait. Genetic modification serves many positive and negative purposes, giving scientists the ability to prevent genetic/inherited diseases as well as increasing the human life span. However this scientific breakthrough can cause “gaps” in society with this only being used for superficial purposes and has the possibility to form a disease that is unknown to scientist, threatening humans.
Genetic engineering has the ability to make genetic diseases history, as most humans are prone to inheriting a disease from a parent. However some diseases can be caused by genetic mutations in the genome, which may be caused by environmental mutagens being known for causing heart disease, cystic fibrosis and many more, making the body susceptible to infections. By using genetic engineering this can be reversed by locating the defected gene a...

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...ay purposely engineer their newborn sincerely on looks. For example they may only want a blonde hair and blue eyed child for their purposes only. By doing this it is unknown if this could affect the gene pool which could also affect the child and their family tree. A baby can’t consent to having its body altered, therefore many believe that it is not ethical nor right for parents to change their baby.
Overall there are many disadvantages as well as advantages in genetic modification, whether it be for superficial purposes or life saving. Hence I am undecided, as I believe it can benefit children a lot when it comes to genetic and inherited diseases however there are many risks that I trust have not yet been considered nor thought through. I believe that after much more research and consideration, that it may be an advantage in the future for medical purposes only.
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