Biological attacks on U.S.

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Over the period of 50 years, the agriculture and industrial processes has been more sophisticated due to the marvelous results of molecular biology and genetics. However, the technology that brought these benefits to use have a downside to it.It posses a chance of being used in the production of biological weapons. Biotechnology brings both postive and negative effect thus making it a "dual use" dillema,it could be used for the improvement of humanity or misused for bioterrorism. Bioterrorism is known as a type of attack that releases harmful agents into the air such as viruses , toxins or bacteria. It causes various disease and sickness and may lead to death.

In 1990 to 2009 U.S. faced bioterrorism. As the attacks and threats continues to burgeon and posed danger to the country, people gain more awareness about the the effects it brings. Thus, leading to the demands of new vaccines production made by the government in order to protect the people and the military. Among many country that is still researching about biotechnology at the top degree is US. The past biological attacks and threats that occured in U.S. has improved their defense system as well as increase their demand for development of new vaccines .


1 2001 Anthrax Letter Attacks

In September 2001, U.S. faced anthrax attacks. 7 letters with anthrax laced to them were mailed in U.S. to news offices in different locations as well as the U.S. Congress. 22 people were infected with anthrax either through inhalational anthrax or cutaneous anthrax. Out of 22 people 5 of the infected died. The authorities such as the FBI officials and the Department of Justice suspected Dr.Bruce Ivins to be the culprit of this attack. However, he commited suicide before the charges c...

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... well. On top of that, the low success rate in the final stage of development also play its role in the development of new vaccines. It is also said that the development of biological weapon is a lot more easier than to develope vaccine. Apart from that, future biological attacks are unpredictable and may be a new type of attack thus rendering the previous vaccine made useless.

Due to the attacks of biological weapons in the past few years, U.S. has reinforced their defense and has increased their developments in new vaccines. The invention of biosurveillance has increased their defense massively. New vaccines are being researched and developed even until today. Biological attacks that occured to U.S did not only bring casualties to them but as well as benefits. U.S. is able to rise back up from the attacks and turn it around to make it their strength.

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