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However, green roofs are not a new technology. They are simply being modified it and developed further, but they date back thousands of years ago. In ancient times the first green roofs were used unpurposely, since the houses were made of mud bricks and after rain vegetation just sprouted out of the rooftops (Appendix A, Picture 1). These early shelters provided protection from the elements, good insulation during the winter months, and a cool location in the summer. After establishing the benefits of the green roof, the technology became expandingly popular, creating one of the Seven wonders in the Ancient World - the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Appendix A, Picture 2). Another early example of the green roofs is Machu Picchu - still covered by lush gardens nowadays after so many years(Appendix A, Picture 3). While the climate and plants that grow so well in Machu Picchu aren't easily adaptable to most environments, the idea of green is still easily achievable. This was proved in the early seventies in Germany when the first green roof systems were developed and marketed on a large scale. Unlike former “green roofs” this first approach offered reliable technology that provided sophisticated irrigation and protection against root ingress. With the growth of cities additional benefits began to gain importance which are the main reasons for the growing popularity of green roofs nowadays.

Types of green roofs

Modern green roofs are made of a system of layers placed over the roof to support soil medium and vegetation. However, with the amount of building companies, vast technology development and the rule of supply and demand, most of the contractors have their own, modified way of creating a green roof. They do however fall in...

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