Biological Weapons Convention

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There is a little known piece of paper that was formed by the United Nations called the Biological Weapons Convention. It was formed in April 1972 as part of an effort for disarmament, production and stockpiling. This document was entered in to force on 26 March 1975, and over the years there have been several conferences to review and amend the Convention. As of today, there are one hundred and ten signatory states and one hundred sixty eight state parties. There are four members of the depositary governments: Russian Federation, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the United States of America. The main goal of the Biological Weapons Convention is to reduce the global threat of these types of weapons and prevent them from causing great harm. In order to reach this goal, they gather information from all the parties on the development and stockpiles of these weapons as well as the research they are doing to combat and develop antibiotics for these weapons of mass destruction. These actions fall along the lines of the prohibition signed in Geneva on June 17th 1927. The prohibition against these weapons was meant to sway the ravages of their horrors during a time of war or civil unrest. The Geneva Prohibition came about when the Germans used biological weapons during World War I. The Germans used their knowledge of these weapons to gain the upper hand because their enemies were not prepared for it. Since this was the first time they had been introduced in such a scale, a great number of soldiers became ill or died from the exposure. What is a biological weapon? Biological weapons are complex systems that disseminate disease-causing organisms or toxins to harm or kill humans, animals or plants. (Schneider, 2014) In... ... middle of paper ... ...true and binding thing then the use of them would never have happened. Not until after proof was found that a weapon of mass destruction had been used, did the United Nation step in to enforce the convention. So in conclusion there will always be a loop hole in the system, if a party wants to have and use them. Such as, having a bio research department in the defense department of a party. The only way to do a good and conclusive study of the effects, would be to actually use the bio toxin as a weapon of some form. Works Cited (n.d.). Retrieved from United Nations Office at Geneva: Chemical & Biological Warfare Studies No 19. (n.d.). Schneider, B. R. (2014). Encyclopedia Britannica. Sims, N. A. (n.d.). The Chemical & Biological Warfare Studies No 19. In N. A. Sims, The Ecolution od Biological Disarmament. Sims, N. A. (n.d.). The Evolution of
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