Biological Perspective In Psychology

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With the amount of abnormal disorders being diagnosed every day, there are a variety of psychological orientations that practice their beliefs and views on treatments. The biological perspective is an orientation that I support, while orientations such as the sociocultural perspective and the humanistic perspective are more questionable in their ideas of therapy.
The biological perspective focuses on the idea that abnormal behavior stems from human physiological diseases. This includes imbalances in our hormones and neurotransmitters, genetics, and the flaws in our brain. I believe that this perspective is supported with solid, scientific evidence. I favor this view because all of the illnesses can actually be medically tested and diagnosed.
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This view simply blames society for the individual’s failures and that abnormal behavior arises from that individual’s surroundings. I do not agree with this view because they intend to examine the effects of social groups and cultures. A person’s culture may have some influence on his or her behavior, but I do not believe that culture can dictate someone’s life to the point of causing psychological disorders. In my opinion, there are multiple possibilities that come into play when it comes down to developing a psychological disorder. The sociocultural treatments for depression, for example, would turn to couples therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. I believe that with this approach, you will have a number of patients who are not comfortable with sharing their private thoughts with their relatives. Additionally, there is always that chance of being judged by strangers who are not trained…show more content…
All three perspectives focuses on treating the patients’ disorder. However, the biological approach focuses more on treating the symptoms while the other two focuses on treating the disorder itself. The humanistic approach emphasizes on the patients’ self-development; the biological approach stresses on the medical model. Both the sociocultural and humanistic view takes culture into consideration and applies group therapies while biological view is strictly on diagnosis, symptoms, and
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