Biological Gender Essay

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Being a woman is defined in opposition to a man. So being a woman becomes living up to other people’s expectations. This mean they have to have successful careers, be married, be mothers, and be involved in their communities. Some people say that gender is being male or female. Gender should not be defined or determine who you are because it should not be determined by your biological gender, how one presents themselves and their behavior, and their internal sense of self male, female, both or neither. Rather it should be determined by the person themselves. Your gender should not be based on how people perceive it but it should be how you see yourself.
“Biological gender is the physical attributes: external genitalia, sex chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones, and internal reproductive structures” (Understanding Gender). Some people are born as males but that is not who they want to be. They should be able to choose their gender and not be defined as a male just because of their biological gender. If a male wants to do female things they should be allowed. They should
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A person can be biologically male, but present themselves female and they can decide what gender they want to be. It can be the same way with a biological female dressing like a male. They should be able to determine if they want to be female or male not based on how they dress. In other cases, someone may dress the opposite sex of their biological sex, but they can still go by their biological sex. This is known as gender expression. Gender identity is how a person thinks of themselves whether they are male, female, both, or neither. It is the “personal identification with a particular gender and gender role in society” (Gender). Gender should not be defined by what people think your gender should be. It should be picked by the person themselves and what they think they should be. It should not have to be based on your biological
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